We are holding our very first Bridal Expo at our Main Showroom on Nimitz this Saturday fro 8 am to 4 pm.

You won’t recognize the place! We are clearing it out to make space for the BEST wedding vendors in Hawaii: floral and decor, catering, videography, sound, lighting, exquisite cakes, DJ, party rentals, and formal wear.

Every Bride who attends will receive a FREE rose! Plus, if you book your wedding flowers at the show you will receive an instant 10% – 25% off!

Don’t miss out on the biggest event of our history!

bridal expo flyer image

Lazy Summer

Summer. School is out, the days are hot, and it just feels good to be lazy sometimes.

But not for us! In the summer, we see a lot of beautiful blooms, a lot of beautiful weddings, and a lot of fun.

This June…

The Flower of the Month is the ever-popular Orchid. Orchids are a super-elegant bloom that are popular for weddings and other special occasions like Mother’s Day or just as a special gift.



Most notably this month (since Father’s Day is over) is our Happy Hour Week that we’ve got going on this week! Starting Monday and going through Friday, every day at 5 pm until 6 pm when you shop in-store you will get 10% off your purchase!

happy hour mugatu

It is one of our busiest times of the year! May is an exciting month for us (with Mother’s Day being our single biggest day of the year- people loves their Moms!), and we are adding even more excitement! Check it out:


Our Flower of the Month is the lovely Peony. Trendy recently, the Peony is a really voluptuous and lush flower. It is also very indicative of Spring and Summer. 
















May is also our month to give back to the community that we LOVE! Last year we partnered with Women Speaking Out, a non-profit dedicated to giving women a voice. This year we are jumping in feet first into another good cause. We are partnering with the Ronald McDonald House of Hawaii (another more detailed post to follow on how you can be part of their awesome cause!)


Beyond the flowers and the charitable causes, we have 3 THREE 3 contests going on: A contest for teachers, one for nurses, and the last for mothers and daughters.

1.) We all have had or currently have a teacher that we adore. Now is your chance to show your thanks! You can nominate your favorite teacher by tweeting #bestteacher to @watanabefloral with their name and why they are so special. One teacher will win $100! Ends May 4th

2.) Nurses are so under-appreciated! And there are some great ones out there. If you know a great nurse, you can nominate him or her by tweeting #bestnurse to @watanabefloral with their name and why they are great. One nurse will win $100. Thanks, indeed! Ends May 4th

3.) In honor of Mother’s Day and Mothers everywhere: a mother-daughter look-alike contest! So, if you look like your Mom, you could win $100! Enter the contest by submitting your photo to contest@watanabefloral.com by May 9th! Check out this WFI employee and her Mom!

mother-daughter smaller

Look for more information at www.watanabefloral.com



best secretary

Please join us for our 8th annual Easter Egg Hunt!

easter egg hunt 2014

April News

Featured Flower

This April, our featured flower is the Tulip! A personal fave, the Tulip is a happy flower that is usually associated with Spring. There is a meaning attached to the sending of this flower, and it goes as follows:

Tulip (general) – Gift from a perfect lover. Love.
Tulip (red) – Irresistible love. Believe me. Declaration of love.
Tulip (yellow) – Hopeless love.

We’re feeling the love.

You can’t fit much more love into one bouquet: carnival


  • April 19 – Easter Egg Hunt (TBD)
  • April 21-26 – Secretaries Week
    • Best Secretary/Administrative Assistant Contest- Winner gets $100 gift card! (Details to come)

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Part of the reward of being in the Flower business is “helping others to express their feelings through flowers”. This company motto began with Ernest Watanabe who, returning home from WWII, recognized that there would be a lot of soldiers and families of soldiers wanting to express their feelings and, perhaps, needed a way to be able to do that.

We continue that pledge today. We know there are plenty of times in life that expressing feelings is maybe hard to do. And maybe a little flower can say it better than words.

The other day we received a call from a concerned father of a little girl named Anaiah. Anaiah, 4 years old, was in the hospital. The Father was away on the mainland and couldn’t be there with his daughter who was very ill and, as a result, not eating. He wanted to send her something special that would let her know that he loved her, wanted her to feel better, and wished he could be there with her. He decided on a lavender and pink basket arrangement, a Hello Kitty plush, and since the little girl loved Hello Kitty so much, we tacked on a Hello Kitty balloon for free.

Later, we received a call from the same Father. He reported that the gifts had arrived, and that upon receiving them, Anaiah lit up and could not stop smiling. He said she was so happy that she even started to eat.

IMG951848.JPG_resized IMG954230_resized

It is truly our honor and privilege to assist in creating these happy feelings. Get well soon, Anaiah!




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