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This just in from one of the nation’s leading experts in all things Weddings: new wedding trends for 2013! (You can also find said expert and following trends at http://www.qohweddings.com/blog/)

According to our expert, here’s what’s in and what’s out.

1.) IN- a return to elegance, namely the plated dinner, muted and neutral colors (blush is big), sophisticated romance, etc.

2.) IN- GOLD! Gold embellishments here, there, and everyhwere.

3.) IN-Lounge furniture at cocktail receptions. People want to sit comfortably rather than stand stiffly at tables.

4.) IN- Patterns, big and bold. Chevron, circles, stripes = YES!

5.) IN (and probably always will be) Lace. Lace hasn’t really ever gone out of style, and this year is no exception.

6.) OUT- the vintage suitcases and typewriters a.k.a. the styled accents.

7.) IN- Simplicity. (Easy enough)

8.) IN- Mint green and all it’s friends like pale turquoise, sea foam green, and pale emerald

9.) IN- Love birds. Birds on invitations, as cake toppers, etc.

10.) IN- the 1920’s. This is really embodied by several of the already trends: gold, romance, lounge furniture and cocktails…

11.) IN- Going local. More Brides and Grooms are choosing to support local businesses and opting for what is in season for their weddings.

Speaking of which…here are some great examples. Romantic and bold, soft shades, and mint green are all focal points in these three separate arrangements.




For more pics like these see our photo gallery at:


or at http://www.flickr.com/photos/watanabefloralinc/sets/72157632633633215/

Go on and get married, already! 😉

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Take a look at our booth at the Bridal Expo! We’ve got some pretty fancy stuff going on! Remember, we’ll be there today (Saturday) through tomorrow, so come see us!

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