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Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we are kicking off the Christmas Season! Check out a few of our new Holiday arrangements!

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We will be adding NEW arrangements periodically until December 11th when the Holiday collection will be complete! So make sure you check back at http://www.watanabefloral.com/occasions/christmas/ frequently to find the perfect piece for your Holiday needs.


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The big day is almost here! This time of the year is so exciting. The Holidays are characterized by family, fun, and beautiful decorations among other things. Here at WFI, we’re excited too! We have some really awesome and fun arrangements for the Holiday Season. Our personal favorite is a beautiful Rose arrangement called Christmas Elegance. It is perfect as a centerpiece or even a beautiful Christmas gift.

Another popular and fun arrangement is the Holiday Flower Tree. It is about 23’’ tall, which is perfect for a small space, like a mantle or a table. Composed of Christmas Greens, it is truly a sight to see.

Come visit us before Christmas! Remember, we are running SPECIAL HOURS; We are open until 6pm on Saturday the 22nd and open until 5pm on Christmas Eve! We are closed on Christmas Day.

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With Thanksgiving long-gone and Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about Holiday traditions. At WFI we LOVE the Holidays. And even though everyone has different traditions to commemorate their celebrations, they all add that special feeling to the season. Here is one tradition we especially love and its significance.

Poinsettias are a very popular Christmas tradition that, in the U.S., stems back to the 1800s. They were originally brought to the U.S. from Mexico by the State’s Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett (hence the eventual name for the plant, Poinsettia!). However, Poinsettias have an ancient tie to Christmas. Here’s how the legend goes:

There was once a poor Mexican girl called Pepita who had no present to give the baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Services. But Pepita wanted to give something to the baby Jesus, so she picked a small handful of weeds from the roadside and made them into a a small bouquet. She felt embarrassed because she could only give this small present to Jesus. At the chapel, she knelt down and put the bouquet at the bottom of the nativity scene. Suddenly, the bouquet of weeds burst into bright red flowers, and everyone who saw them were sure they had seen a miracle. From that day on, the bright red flowers were known as the ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.

This is just one of the hundreds of traditions that are celebrated world-wide at Christmastime.

We want to know what YOUR favorite traditions are!

Leave a comment below, post on facebook, or tweet (don’t forget to tag us). Tell us your tradition and where it comes from! Hear from you soon!

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Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful- Norman Vincent Peal14_days_till_christmas_by_trulyaddicted-d34nkap

We can’t help but be excited! The special feelings that accompany the Holiday Season are all around us! At WFI we are ready for the magic to begin!

The Holidays are about creating special moments. And we are in the business of helping you to do just that! We specialize in making your occasion unique, exceptional, and memorable for YOU and your dear ones!

Visit us at our website www.watanabefloral.com for our locations or to order online!

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