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Most Holidays have really interesting histories behind the popular traditions of the present. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. It began to be celebrated in the early 17th century and commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Today, it is celebrated not only in Ireland but also in Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Now, I bet you don’t know a lot about Patrick himself. He was actually born in Britain and kidnapped at the age of 16 by Irish…well, kidnappers. He was enslaved. In his own confession, he said that it was revealed to him in a dream to flee to the coast and catch a ship back to Britain. Which he did. Later in his life, after studying to be a priest, he was called back to Ireland as a Bishop, this time to bring Christianity.

Symbols of St. Patrick. Shamrock. Green. Where do they come from?

The Shamrock is said to have been used by St. Patrick to teach the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to the people.

Green was actually not the original color used to celebrate the holiday. It was actually blue. But in order to more fully wear the Shamrock, people started using green.

So there you have it. St. Patrick’s day then and now in a nutshell.

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easter egg hunt 2013

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Easter Coloring Contest

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Easter is a few weeks away, but we are starting the festivities NOW!

We are holding a coloring contest for children- and what child (even with the help of Mom) doesn’t LOVE to color? And not only does your kid get to color, but, if your kid is a lucky winner, the whole family will get to enjoy some really fun prizes.

Here’s the skinny on the contest:

Theme: What Does Easter Mean to You?

1. Picture should be standard 8.5”x11” paper size and illustrate the above theme.

2. Prizes will be awarded in 3 age groups, 0-5, 6-10 and 10+

3. Prizes from Wet N Wild, Jungle River Fun, Ice Palace, Consolidated Theatre’s Hawaii, and Rascal’s Family Fun to be awarded to winners of all 3 categories!

4. Entries must be brought to our Nimitz Location or mailed to us at 1607 Hart Street, Hon. Hi 96817, not later than Thursday March 21

5. Winners and other entries will be posted in our Nimitz Showroom from March 22-March 31, 2013

6. Winners and prizes will be presented at the Easter Egg Hunt on March 23!

The Grand prize is a birthday for 10 at Wet n Wild! Valued at $350!!! (WHOA!)

PLUS every contestant will receive a 50% off admission to Wet n Wild, just for entering!!

As soon as your little guy or gal gets her picture drawn, make sure to bring it by or send it in before March 21st! Everyone is a winner! Let’s get our Easter on!!!

Check out our board on pinterest http://pinterest.com/watanabefloral/easter/ for more Easter Ideas! Follow Us!!!!

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Hats Off to our Kids!

Here at WFI, we know how to have some fun! On January 12th we had our first Kid’s Activity of the year!

This month we decided to make hats! Our staff made them for themselves and wore them all day. Then we showed the kids how to make this fun headgear!

If you think this looks like fun, keep your eyes open for our next Kids Activity and join us!!


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