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Prom Trends!

Prom is over and done for most of us…thank goodness! Just kidding. But seriously, prom is an exciting time for the teens, and Prom season is going on right now. You might want to know what’s on the up and up this year for Prom.

There are a lot of trendy things going down this year. According to an article on http://www.aboutflowersblog.com/omg-top-5-prom-trends there are some pretty interesting things happening.

1.) Neon. Wearing neon to prom can be totally dramatic and electric. Flowers can be made to match! (Yes, there are flowers out there as bright as that dress of yours).

2.) White and Black. This is a pretty timeless style. And (here’s a BIG plus) it goes with everything 🙂

3.) Metallic. This is interesting. Metals can really punch up the look of a flower. Using silver or gold wiring can give a wristlet or boutonniere a cool, modern look.

4.) Tuxedos. For Girls. Jaw-dropping, I know! But who says girls HAVE to wear a dress? Even if your little lady chooses to wear a tux, a beautiful flower will give it a feminine touch.

5.) Princess. Adding jewels or rhinestones to the center of flowers is a really classy way to add some glam.

PicMonkey Collage prom


Now. Some non-floral prom trends to help put it all together.

And what else could we mean by non-floral but dresses? Dresses: Lace, high-low dresses, and Ombre dresses are all making the list, according to http://www.seventeen.com/parties/2013-prom-trends (click for pics)

Whatever dress you choose, remember that corsages and boutonnieres complete your look! Or for a bolder statement, go with a clutch bouquet. Visit our Prom page for a selection, or call our store for more information!



Happy Prom!


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Here are a few submissions that we have already. Remember: there are still a 2 days to submit your kids’ drawings! Don’t miss out on the fun!

Here’s a look at the competition 😉

WFI Easter2013 Contest 07 WFI Easter2013 Contest 06 WFI Easter2013 Contest 05 WFI Easter2013 Contest 04 WFI Easter2013 Contest 03 WFI Easter2013 Contest 02 WFI Easter2013 Contest 01


If you need more info on the event or on the Easter Egg Hunt, visit http://www.watanabefloral.com/events

Happy drawing!

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