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This Holiday season we have TWO (not one but TWO!) contests. Back to back. So pay close attention!

The first one is currently going. It began December 8th and ends on Friday, December 12. Here are the details:



What two arrangements are you voting between?


Tell me that wouldn’t make your Christmas table nice and cheery.

The second contest will be on Facebook. It is a Holiday Cover Photo Contest. We want YOU to create our Holiday cover photo. The contest will run December 15 – December 19 with the winner being announced on Friday. The cover photo must be Holiday related, Watanabe Floral related, cool, current, spiffy, creative, and all those good things. The winner’s cover photo will become our cover photo for the remainder of the Holiday season AND they will win this arrangement: DCH06_pe

Cue shining lights and angelic music. You know you want it! So get a-voting and a-creating! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (see link in right sidebar) for all the details, reminders, and other great Holiday discounts!


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Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we are kicking off the Christmas Season! Check out a few of our new Holiday arrangements!

DCH15_pe DCH05_pe DCH08_pe DCH10_pe






























We will be adding NEW arrangements periodically until December 11th when the Holiday collection will be complete! So make sure you check back at http://www.watanabefloral.com/occasions/christmas/ frequently to find the perfect piece for your Holiday needs.


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