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Giving and receiving flowers is ALWAYS nice. But in times past, the meaning or symbol of specific flowers was as significant as those little emoticons we use in text messages today. With Valentine’s Day approaching, be you woman or man, you may be thinking about ordering flowers already. And if that’s the case, then you might want to know EXACTLY what’s going into that lovely bouquet, seen and unseen; spoken and unspoken.

First off, let’s list the top 10 most popular Valentine’s flowers.

1.) Roses (duh!)

2.) Daisies

3.) Tulips

4.) Lilies

5.) Orchids

6.) Carnations

7.) Lilacs

8.) Wildflowers

9.) Sunflowers

10.) Irises

Not surprisingly, Roses are THE most popular bud for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because they are a classic symbol of love, romance, beauty, and perfection.

If you’re not really all that into Roses, you could always go for Daisies. These happy little flowers not only look bright and cheerful, but they also symbolize beauty, purity, and innocence.

Tulips are a personal favorite. They are a common flower (lending to their affordability) yet they are classic and timeless. Tulips symbolize perfect love. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Fourth most popular are Lilies. Lilies are gorgeous and sophisticated. These flowers exude beauty, class, and style. Mix with Roses, and you’ve got yourself an extremely romantic and well-thought out gift.

Orchids are a gorgeous exotic flower. They symbolize love, beauty, luxury, and strength. A bouquet with Orchids is definitely a little more on the wild side than a bouquet of Roses, but who said wild was a bad thing?

Carnations when done right can be very impactful. They mean fascination and new love. And what’s more, they are a hearty, long-lasting (up to 3 weeks!) bud that make a perfect gift!

Lilacs. Some people LOVE Lilacs. When given in a bouquet, they mean, “Do you still love me?”

There are over 5,000 species of Wildflowers. They have an exotic and untamed appeal. They symbolize adoration.

Sunflowers, appropriately named, are bright! They are happy and warm, but beyond that they symbolize loyalty.

Finally, Irises in some countries stand for royalty. They also symbolize faith and hope.

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