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Who watched the Oscars on Sunday night?

Confession: I didn’t. I just watched the high-lights and heard about some key moments here and there. So I’m counting on all of you to chime in with your favorite moments.

We, of course, noticed the flowers. You don’t really think about the flowers at an event like this where the focus is on the stars and what they’re wearing. But the flowers definitely added that glamor that the Academy Awards is known for.

Mark’s Garden (http://marksgardenblog.wordpress.com/) has been the exclusive florist for the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball for 18 years. In the video (linked below), co-owner Mark Held shows off some of the gorgeous floral arrangements for the special night that were inspired by different genres of music. http://bcove.me/fxjrwb3p

oscars florals

oscar florals




















What flowers did you notice at the Oscars? Be it on gowns or in arrangements!

Comment below, post on facebook, or tweet #academyflowers (and don’t forget to tag us)!

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