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It is one of our busiest times of the year! May is an exciting month for us (with Mother’s Day being our single biggest day of the year- people loves their Moms!), and we are adding even more excitement! Check it out:


Our Flower of the Month is the lovely Peony. Trendy recently, the Peony is a really voluptuous and lush flower. It is also very indicative of Spring and Summer. 
















May is also our month to give back to the community that we LOVE! Last year we partnered with Women Speaking Out, a non-profit dedicated to giving women a voice. This year we are jumping in feet first into another good cause. We are partnering with the Ronald McDonald House of Hawaii (another more detailed post to follow on how you can be part of their awesome cause!)


Beyond the flowers and the charitable causes, we have 3 THREE 3 contests going on: A contest for teachers, one for nurses, and the last for mothers and daughters.

1.) We all have had or currently have a teacher that we adore. Now is your chance to show your thanks! You can nominate your favorite teacher by tweeting #bestteacher to @watanabefloral with their name and why they are so special. One teacher will win $100! Ends May 4th

2.) Nurses are so under-appreciated! And there are some great ones out there. If you know a great nurse, you can nominate him or her by tweeting #bestnurse to @watanabefloral with their name and why they are great. One nurse will win $100. Thanks, indeed! Ends May 4th

3.) In honor of Mother’s Day and Mothers everywhere: a mother-daughter look-alike contest! So, if you look like your Mom, you could win $100! Enter the contest by submitting your photo to contest@watanabefloral.com by May 9th! Check out this WFI employee and her Mom!

mother-daughter smaller

Look for more information at www.watanabefloral.com



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