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What Women Want…an age-old question. Type it into Google and you’ll find the Mel Gibson/ Helen Hunt movie, some trashy articles written by single men, and even some books on the psyche of women. Wow.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there have got to be atleast a handful of men out there scratching their heads. How do I make her happy?

While we don’t profess or even come close to having all the answers, we are in the business of making educated guesses when it comes to feelings.

So here goes.

We put out a little survey of sorts (that would be a facebook status update) that asked, “Ok, girls. What do women want.” The answers ranged from pretty typical to hilarious (the hilarious answer being from, of course, a man.)

These women want to feel validated and loved. No shocker there. Others want to be SuperWoman: the perfectly clean house, the perfectly behaved child, the perfectly happy marriage. They want to feel appreciated for all the hard work that they do. And let’s face it, it’s not easy being a woman.

Some girls don’t want to have to be SuperWoman. They want help doing the chores; for the man to step up and say, “I’ll take care of this for you.”

Love, respect, and communication. Easy peasy.

Chocolate. And lots of it. And the list could go on forever.

The answer from the brave lone man was, “Isn’t this question proof that women don’t even know what they want?”

While that may be the easy answer for some guys, we would suggest that according to our overwhelming (and shockingly fast) responses by these women, that women do indeed know exactly what they want.

Did anybody catch the common thread in all these answers? Here’s our educated guess. While every woman is totally different in her tastes and likes and dislikes, ALL women really want essentially the same thing: to be noticed and adored for being exactly who she is. The house will never be (or more importantly STAY) perfectly clean. Children will have their bad days. Marriages…well, they have bad days too. Women can’t do it all. So let her put her SuperWoman get-up away for a day.

It won’t be the gift or the flowers or the chocolates that matter come Valentine’s Day. But the gift and the flowers and the chocolates (or whatever gesture you boys decide to make) will let your girls know that you notice her. And that you adore her for who she is.

It’s a win-win situation. Really.

Show some L.O.V.E. this Valentine's Day!

Show some L.O.V.E. this Valentine’s Day!

Ladies. We want to hear from YOU! What do YOU want? Comment below, post on facebook or tweet #whatwomenwant

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